Without a shadow of a doubt, prayer is VITAL to the spiritual survival of any church. We are even more convinced that we need healthy prayer lives at an individual level for the corporate prayer life to flourish. God longs to speak to His children and make known His superior plans and goals for them, so that His kingdom will be extended through their obedience. When we stop listening to His voice and start doing things our own way, that's when we stop being effective, lose sight of what Christ has done for us and lose that special place of unity where God commands the blessing.

Prayer does not come naturally, but with some discipline and support it should become more of a way of life. As well as coming together on a weekly basis as a church, Prayer Triplets are also a very simple and effective way to help you focus your prayer life a little more by having two other people pray with you every week. As well as encouraging prayer, it would be a great opportunity to encourage discipleship in these prayer triplets as someone who has been on the road longer has the opportunity to share their wisdom. Although this would be preferred, it's not essential.

"Where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them" - Matt 18:20